Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 Running Shoes – Great running shoe

I couldn’t believe how much lighter these were than the 8’s. I’ve had the every variant of the wave inspires and these felt the most comfortable and broken in from day one.

Very lightweight and comfortable.

After doing a lot of research, i settled on a pair of mizunos. It was a toss up between these and the brooks gts13 and having had a pair of mizunos before that tipped the balance in their favour. Ran 30 miles in them to date and the additional support and firmness is noticeable, particularly over the longer runs, legs feel a little better next day as well. Would recommend to anybody who is a moderate over pronator, very light shoe and nice bright styling.

  • Great running shoe
  • Best Running Trainers For Those Horrible Bad Knees.
  • very good seller

These wore really well and lasted much longer than the wave inspire 10 i had after.

Had these trainers a little while now and am perfectly happy with them. Also have a pair of asics gt-2170 and alternate between the two. These mizuno’s are not as heavily cushioned as the asics and are therefore a bit lighter. They fasten up well and give a good secure feeling when running.

Features of Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 Running Shoes

  • SR Touch – A finer density cushioning compound in the heel which absorbs impact stress better than previous technologies.
  • Mizuno Wave – Provides excellent cushioning by dispersing the force of impact across a larger surface area. The stability aspect of Wave technology is gained by the construction differing between the outside (lateral) and the inside (medial) of the shoe, therefore resisting the compression of the midsole in high pressure areas.
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Shoe Width: D
  • Double Fan Shaped Wave – This extended Wave plate offers pronation control support by activating the wave plate earlier in the running cycle.
  • AP+ – Midsole cushioning compound which maintains lightweight effective cushioning through the cycle.
  • Mizuno Intercool – An innovative full-length ventilation system which gives the runner outstanding breathability and comfort, keeping your feet dry and cool.

I’ve been using mizuno running shoes for many years now and love them. Time to replace the worn out ones, so i chose this item as well as a pair of wave rider 16. The inspire 9’s immediately turned out to be too hard for running, even on a gym cushioned running machine. These will be fine for other gym work, cycling etc, so not a wasted purchase, but i’ll use the wave risers for running.

My knees role in when walking or running. I have had bad knees for years and nothing apart from constant muscle strengthening around my knee helped. Then 5 years ago i discovered mizuno’s wave inspire 4. Wore then everyday until they died, hence the purchase of these wave inspire 9. They continue to provide me with total knee comfort and protection; wearing them as i type this review.

Following glowing reviews and an upcoming marathon i could not resist trying a pair. The first thing i noticed was how low profile these are compared with lunar glide 3. There is also a nice feeling of stability and being locked in, i went for my normal size instead of going a size bigger and no brusing around toes so far (120 miles in ). I feel the thing lacking is more forefoot cushioning, however these are perhaps not designed for that and it more likely to do with my style of running. Don’t let me put you off these in any way, if you feel these are right for you the will not disapoint.

I shopped carefully for affordable shoes that are suitable for my pronation. This product came at a good price and appears to be the real mccoy i was looking for.

Only problem i have with these shoes is that they are not suited to winter running. Too much airflow through the uppers.

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 Running Shoes
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