Suunto GPS Units Ambit 2 running – A Splendid Watch for Sportsman and Country Walker

I was generally very pleased with this watch. Been using it for 18 months now and software updates meant it got better and better. Little bit tempermental at first but an update fixed that and its been rock solid reliable for a long time. I use it for recording stats like distance etc. But also for navigation of pre-programmed routes and for tracking back if i get lost in fogvery easy to manage the watch via movescount. However 4 stars because the main middle button got stuck. It has always been a bit stiff but finally it stayed stuck in and only slowly unstuck – getting stuck each time it was pressed. This really meant the end of the watch – despite cleaning and wd40 nothing made the button work well again. Which was very disappointing given the cost of the watch and having only owned it just over 18 months. However i do like the watch and bought the suunto ambit3 peak to replace it.

I have had a number of watches which i used for sports events (swim, cycle, run, kayaking) with various external attachments such as gps pods. I have also had to have a different set of watches for use in the hills when out walking which would give me altitude & direction. At last suunto have come up with a watch which covers all these evens in one single smart, robust and well powered unit. I am particularly impressed with the battery life and for the first time i can use a gps watch as my daily time keeper as there is no danger of it showing that it is out of battery power. Best piece of sports / outdoor equipment i have bought for a long while.

  • Excellent until its button got stuck!
  • A step up from a run of the mill GPS
  • Great running tool and top build quality.

Although this is my first watch of this type i’ve been massively impressed in what it can do. I bought it mainly for the triathlon mode and although there are others in the market such as the 910xt i wanted to be able to wear it every day, especially considering the price pointthe online movescount isn’t the most intuitive to use, but after some time with it it is impressive, especially the apps that other users create that you can download onto the watch. Also being able to add other sport modes to the watch like surfing, sailing and flying are a nice touch and means i can use it for work. Also, the battery life is fantastic, i was a little dubious if i would be constantly charging it or running out halfway through an exercise but its never been an issue. Two gripes that stop me giving it full marks are that i think suunto should have included the ant stick allowing wireless connectivity to your laptop, a bit tedious having to plug it in. Also despite the mineral glass screen it does scratch quite easily as does the bezel, which is a little disappointing. But all things considered it’ll be a trusty companion for many years to come.

Gt watch,prompt delivery,time to start running for the bus.

Features of Suunto GPS Units Ambit 2 running

  • Advanced outdoor and multisport functions
  • Personalize with 1000+ free Sports Apps
  • Robust design, 24 h battery life with GPS
  • Training logbook with story and image support
  • Versatile button lock

This watch is certainly out on its own, the gps in exercise mode is exceptionally quick, i used this first at home in ireland on exercise then again in the middle east and the gpsaquired and functioned in less than 2mins considering it was last used 4000km from its last exercise session plus the battery life is quite good as well(dependin on how you useit).

Been using this for a few months now and it has proven to be a great buy. Easily has all the functions i will ever need and with the apps growing all the time you can really use the data it records. I use my suunto with my old garmin foot pod and heart rate monitor. It found them both first time i used all three together. Great build quality and with daily use, it looks as good as it did on day one.

I have several gps devices which i use for both hill walking and running. I was in the market for a replacement for my garmin 405 which for many reasons has never quite lived up to its billing (build quality, battery life, software issues etc. I read several reviews comparing the suunto ambit 2 and its main competitor, the garmin fenix. I also compared the build and feel quality of both in person prior to opting for the suunto ambit 2. In my mind, the quality of the suunto is vastly superior to that of the garmin and the option of selecting hiking mode means that i will never again be on the hills and find myself out of battery power after only 4-5 hours. I have had a month of use so far and i am extremely satisfied with my purchase. It’s at the top end cost wise of such devices, but it does everything that i wish in one quality device. It is also extremely easy to customise via the movescount software that is intuitive to use. If you are in the market for a gps watch that covers running, cycling, walking, hiking, swimming etc.

Well featured sports watch – highly customisable to suit personal requirements. Lost one star as the the metal bezel seems a bit too vuluniable to scuffing.

I had the first ambit and, while a bit dissapointed that by releasing the second suunto decided to not support the first, i got the second one. Pros:+excellent battery life – suunto rated it at 16h for 1second capture interval and highest gps power setting. Compared to the first one i can say that the battery lasts more. If you are willing to decrease the gps power to normal then the battery will last up to 25h. I tried it and the distance is a bit off (it showed 2-3% more than i actually ran) but i was in the woods. +improved design – it seems that suunto learned from the mistakes made with the first model. The bezel is now made from a hard plastic that is not scrached so easily as the aluminium from the previous model. +more applications/sport as compared to one application/sport for the first model. While i did not give it much thought at first i started using several apps for advanced workouts. It is a good workaround for some of the missing features.

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